Check out the facebook page here.

Check out the facebook page here. It's got more pics, links and ways to waste your time.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Sticker! Shirt! Both?

Alek made this logo for me. All I told him was put a tire, a toque and some bottles in it, with the moto.

Freaking awesome. All it cost me was a used nightrider system and some booze. He gets to pad his portfolio, and I can be pretty certian I won't violate copyright again!

Now to get stickers made up. Should I get t-shirts? Would anyone buy one?

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Flounder's Folly.

I am not a race promoter. Chico Racing I ain't. LLP is an attempt to learn these things, but not in an attempt to make a living off it, but to get a bunch of folks together for a good time, and maybe curse me under thier breath for making such a hard/evil/f--ing stupid course. Nor do I understand social media promotion. My blog is basic, and my attempts to promote this series online have been oh, shall we say, crude.

Well, both of these deficiencies came together and bit me in the ass earlier this week.

My friend made me a poster for free, which you can see in an earlier post. He is a great designer, a busy designer, and he designed me a great poster with a cool picture. He is not the villain here nor do I blame him a lick, as he did me a huge favour, took time out of his busy career, and made me some coolness; let that be clear. Everything would have been fine if I hadn't decided that hey, I am going to try and generate some hype about the races, and hopefully about fatbiking in Ottawa, because I have an awesome poster that's the Bolshevik-boozy business.

All I know about social media is twitter, facebook, and lame-ass blogs like mine (I mean really, look at it, and despair at the template-by-numbers appearance of it). But I figured, hey, I'll just put the poster on all the facebook pages I've liked. Now, I still don't know if that is a cool thing to do, but I did it, not thinking there would be any issues and perhaps with my judgement clouded a bit by enthusiasm.

Well there was an issue. It's call copyright infringement. Turns out the fatbike picture in the poster belongs to the fine folks at FAT-, whose facebook page, coincidentally, I posted a copy of my poster onto.

Imagine their surprise when they saw their own picture popped up. Now imagine their annoyance.

I didn't have to. They wrote me to diplomatically express their displeasure at seeing their materials used without being asked. To their credit, they were very cool about it, and explained where they were coming from, and all would be fine if I made a donation to support the website. I could still use the poster; they even said they would put LPP on their events calendar for the year; no hard feelings. Very large of them, considering how things could've gone...

I made the donation within an hour of reading the email. While it puts me in the hole before the races even start, I consider it the cost of a valuable lesson.

All that said, give your support. they are good people, just like my friend is, just like I am, mostly (me, not Fat-bike nor Greg).


Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Much thanks to Greg Cosgrove for doing this, ya'll should send work his way!

Please, please share or send this out to any folks, shops, websites or groups that you think would be interested in this. If you have any suggestions where I should email it, such as shops in Kingston, Pembrooke, Haliburton, Gatineau, let me know! I am not very good at social media, but like to think I am pretty social.

Pretty too.


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

First tracks (kinda, mostly)!

     I was surprised when I woke up to snow yesterday. Maybe I am a bit thick, but to me, the forecast suggested more flurries than any sort of accumulation. It took about 30 seconds to go from surprise to excitement: I had the day off, and a new fatbike that needed a long ride shakedown! Since an earlier-made commitment meant I could not join Beardo and Thombelina's excursion into north Gatineau Park (see pics here), I thought I'd do something local. I decided to do a shoreline ride from Westboro Beach to Mud Lake. I had more fun than I expected to, since I've ridden that stretch of parkway for years

     The shoreline along that length of the river is not ideal for beach cruising. When the Ottawa River Parkway was built, it followed a route that dated back to the Greber plan of the 1940's, which intended to create a scenic drive that would highlight the beauty of Ottawa, and in turn the beauty of the nation that Ottawa is suppose to be a symbol of. Unfortunately, back when the parkway was built, there wasn't the level of environmental consideration as there is now, so planners built as close to the river as possible, leaving steep, man-built embankments, and not a lot of space for a natural shoreline.

     Most of the time the narrow beaches would not be a problem if the river is running at normal levels or a bit below, which it has done all summer. Alas, it has been a month since I was down by the river, and even longer since I took note of water levels. Right now, the river is high, quite high. When I got to Westboro Beach, I knew I'd be taking some detours away from the river...

     The beach itself was a good test for the 9zero7 frame: snow on top of sand! I wasn't sure how it would behave on such soft terrain. I needn't have worried; it rode like it was on pavement. Whee! It continued to impress as I got going. The shore was a mix of rock, logs, sand, snow and ice. The fat bike took it all in it's stride. When the shore disappeared and I had to go back up to the parkway, the bike plowed through the snowy tall grass and rough terrain like a champ.

Snow, sand, surf and fatness.
      Hopping back onto the the path above the river reminded me how much places can change with the time, be it the time of day, or the time of year. Spring, summer and fall this bike path is full of people using it for recreation and commuting to and from work. One small snowfall later, and it is practically deserted. I saw a few foot prints and fewer still mountain bike tracks. I saw one person walking a dog, but I felt like me and my fatbike were all alone.

      That was until I saw this track pop up around the New Orchard underpass: Well, there goes that illusion. Considering how many fatbikes have been sold around here, I best get used to not having first tracks all the time. Now I am waiting to actually run into a fatbiker I don't know!

Surly. Endormorph. Must be an old-timer.
     Casting aside disappointment, I continued hugging the shore as best I could until Mud Lake.  Again, I was reminded how Ottawa's greenspace was conceptualized to be used; as green-space: turn it white, and suddenly it is mostly abandoned, and open for all sorts of un-intended uses. Mud Lake is a prime example of this idea of seasonal re-appropriation. Normally, I would never bike in this area. It's too flat, not all that technical, and full of walkers and (shudder)birders.

Mud Lake trail,  just add snow to make it fun. 

     That said, if you add some snow to these trails, and a fat bike, it is an all-right way to waste 40 minutes. You can carve at speed, hop logs, and take one of the many dead-end trails the park has. You can do it with only a few encounters with people, who, rather that give you the stink eye, just stare at your tires. I am now used to that, but it still makes me smile when you pass someone and they exclaim aloud something to the effect of "getta load of those tires!"

     Indeed.  I am also getting an appreciation of how fatbikes are making these familiar old trails, parks and paths of this town new and challenging again. It's as refreshing as the breeze that was blowing off the river yesterday that would've chilled me, if I wasn't having such a good time.



Monday, November 5, 2012

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Gonna get something started.

Hey Everyone,

      Last night, I saw my breath for the first time this fall. The magical sight of my mouth moisture disappearing into the finally chilling night sky reminded me of something: That I needed to start getting my shit together and get this season’s organizing underway!

     Aside from picking some of the venues and making the decision to do a couple of daytime races, maybe legally, maybe, uh, more paralegally.. I’ve been thinking of what I need for this season in terms of supplies. Last year, I made do with modest equipment and no budget aside from what folks paid. Truth be told, I ran at a loss. This year, however, I am going to seek a few sponsors to help defray costs, and I am going to raise prices by a toonie. I hope that is not seen as excessive and please be reassured: I am not making a dime off of this (empties do not count).

      I think seven bucks is not too excessive, considering the time it takes me, and the fact there is booze and food afterwards. But I will make this offer to the whiney-ass scrooges out there: you can pay last year’s prices, provided you pay for all of your races in advance. You don’t even have to pay for all the races, just the ones you’ll be attending. Can’t make all six, but plan on doing five? Cool, just pay for five. Only doing two? Whatever, wussballs. Tenner up front.

      Poor in cash flow but rich in stuff? I need stuff. Anyone who wants to help out generously in a materialistic fashion will get to ride at half price. Here's this season’s shopping list for LPP:

• Tiki torches
• A toboggan
• 12 rolls of course tape
• Some stakes/poles for above course tape
• red and/or white blinking lights, used and/or cheap as possible
• A folding table would be nice
• Small paper plates
• Plastic cups
• Zip ties
• Some sheets of plywood and a few 2x4’s for ramps
• Firewood
• A leaf blower (ok, just a loaner for one race would be cool)
• Hard liquor
• Seriously, hard liquor. Not for me, it’s for the racers to drink during the booze lap: Give me anything and I’ll find some warm, overly sweet cocktail to make, and stick in my party thermos!

     Of course, if you just want to donate to the cause, you will have my deep, eternal thanks (as Glenn already does from last year), and will always be welcomed to race, or spectate, or drink freely from my party thermos.

No, that was not an euphimism. Pervert.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Plans are afoot.

This is my later summer event (or late fall, but definately before cross, to get people in the mood).

106 km, about 95 on dirt. I mean dirt: These are not even secondary roads; I am planning this so late partly to make sure the roads are graded and nice and dry.

Over 2000m of climbing

No gas stations, no stores along the route. However, there are 4 swimming spots along the course, and there is a family cottage that will be used as a sag stop around the 75km point.

You can find the preliminary course here:

Thursday, March 22, 2012

LPP #4 and what's next.

I kept waiting to get some photos of the last race before I did a write-up, but low and behold, the person whose pics I was waiting for, did a write up on the Steelwool blog! Makes my life that much easier.

I would like to say thank everyone who came out and rode/race of the last few months, those who helped out (Brad, Erica, Marty, Tanya and Chris stand out), those you came out to watch, and the people who helped spread the word. These races will be back next year for sure, and any suggestions for formats and venues would be appreciated.

That said, keep an eye on this spot, My friends and I have a few events simmering for this spring and summer! Who would like to see these events happen:

-Human powered drag races (bike sprints) during Westfest
-A flat-track oval race (cutter-style) Based on the Little 500
-Mountain bike technical time trial (2 km of hella-hard trail, timed) in downtown Hull
-A 110-ish gravel grinder north of Buckingham, Quebec
-Late night mountain bike race
-An 8 or 12 hour race (or both).

More details to come.

Until then,

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Trail report: looking good for tonight!

From Larry:

"I was surprised to find such amazing conditions for snow bikes at Kanata Lakes this morning. One good inch of snow on top of hard ice base. Beautiful making first tracks and so much fun on icy spots where you least expect it! Did two loops around outback from K2. Conditions will probably be superb by sundown as the snow layer should bond to the icy base."

If you were waffling, stop. Ride.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Race tomorrow!

Hey all, just to make it clear, the race is tomorrow, the 10th of March starting at 8. Please be there by 7 30 to sign up; I'd like one race to start on time!

As for the conditions, expect hard and fast. Icy too where the cover was/is thin. Good times!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

One Week to Kanata! Volunteers and stuff wanted

It's one week to the grand finale(and bush party) for LPP's first snow race series. The course has been set, finish line decided and party space chosen. As already mentioned the race starts at 8. the start line is accessible from the K2 entrance and then you go straight in and cross over the swamp via the foot bridge. The start area will be just a bit past the bridge on your right if the bridge is at your back. The course itself uses parts of M-Line, Porcupine, Rock Hopper and South Dogsled, just to give you a hint...

Now all we need is a bit of help and some things to make the work load lighter. First off, does any one have an hibachi, or a portable, coal burning bbq? we could use it for cooking, warming water and as a general heat source. Speaking of heat, does anyone have some wood to spare? I know, I know, we are in the middle of the woods, but it IS an conservation area, and there is no guarantee that there will be any ample supply of fuel lying around. Some torches would be great too, again for heat but for light as well.

If we could get a couple of people to be race warrens that would be great too. The track is a figure 8, and we need two people to direct folks onto whatever loop they are going onto next. The other thing I would like is a couple of people to come out on Saturday morning or Friday night with snow shoes and walk the course once with me, partly to pack it down a bit, but really to help me make a very passing lanes for racers, since the course is pretty narrow.

If you want to help, or offer stuff, you will get to race for free, and be given copious amounts of beer and wieners. Oh and much thanks.

you can contact me here or at

See you next week!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Race report LPP #3: Soft, yet hard.

So, Carlington Hill is done. While everyone who attended the race said that it was a great course, it was a small crowd that raced, although we did have or first group of spectators! Perhaps the forecast of evening rain scared some off, perhaps the rapidly melting snow discouraged others but the night was beautiful, warm, and still. The one thing I did learn was that with weather like that, courses can change quite rapidly! While I was on the course Monday, I worked all day Tuesday. When I arrived to set the course on Wednesday afternoon, I found to my shock that the up-and-over I built last week, which looked fine on Monday, was still good on the north side, but had shrunk by about 8 inches in 36 hours on the south side of the barrier! Too late to add snow and compact, I gave everyone a heads up and advised those without bashguards to think twice before giving it a go.

The course, apart from the lemans start to retrieve bikes left a third of the way down the hill, was behind the sliding hill, and in the trails south of the reservoir. The trails were tight and twisty; with the melting during the day, it was critical that you found the balance of speed and control that kept you in the middle of the trail or you would sink. The course came out of the woods and crossed a road (that turned to black ice once the sun went down, which I discovered at the cost of a very bruised hip) and went down a sweet little descent to the bottom of the old toboggan hill on the east side. The hill was a slog; I think only Dollywood consistently made it up, partly due to the icy conditions and partly because there was an off-camber transition of the main hill to a side trail that seemed to trip up the non-fat bikers.

Four laps of this and everyone got to bomb down the hill via the snow-cover slalom course to the finish.
the top five:

Gabba Gabba Hey!

So coming to the series final at Kanata Lakes on March 11th (date changed due to a conflict with the WQW roller race on the third), here are the leaders for the overall:

Ozzy- 6.5 points
Fushia -6 points
Hot Pants, Boobies- 5 points each
1/2, Dollywood, 4 points each

That's it for now. next week I'll put up more info about KL, including a gps of the course; it's going to be sweet!
BTW, anyone want to help with the race on the 11th? Does anyone have some tiki torches and a hibachi they want to lend out?


Monday, February 20, 2012

LPP #3!

Is going to be held at Carlington sliding hill. It's the sliding hill next to the old quarry that you can see off the Queensway near Carling Ave. You can park at the hockey arena on Clyde Ave. Meet at the top of the hill by 7:30. Preride and then start at 8pm.

Bring something to slide on.



Friday, February 17, 2012

Teaser for LPP #3

I went out today before work to do some prep for the third race. I thought I would have to do some packing down of trails with my snowshoes, but with the melt that is going on and a surprising amount of pedestrian traffic, no packing was needed: all the trails are nice and solid, even the jump on the twisty downhill is in good shape! The berms on the finale are actually starting to show dirt at the top of them due to the melt, which is not a bad thing, as last week the berms were so slick you had to go through them quite slow, and that defeats the whole purpose of a berm's existence...

The pic above shows today's work. I shovelled a lot of wet, heavy snow up against a highway divider to build and up-and-over, so those with the gumption do not have to dismount. I built it for two reasons: they are fun to ride and there are already two barriers most people will have to dismount for, a third just seemed excessive.

Now I wonder, with the clues provided above, can anyone figure out where the race will be?

All will be revealed Monday.


Thursday, February 16, 2012

So, Brad and I were out yesterday at Kanata Lakes. On top of having great fun tearing around on prefect conditions, and being joined by Rob Kerr, we figured out where the course for the series wind-up on March 3rd.

It's going to be a figure 8.
It's going to from 8 (sharp: be there at 7:30 to sign up) until 9:15-ish pm. The start will involve a treasure hunt!
The finish will be a party complete with a few fire pits, hot dogs(both veggie and not) and a keg.
Prizes too.

Tell all your friends, and tell them regular mountain bikes are go; Rob cleared the trail on his 29er.

Don't forget, LPP#3 is next Wednesday!


Friday, February 10, 2012

Results from LPW #2

Hey all,

I would summarize this second, and last, round at Hampton Park with one word: sorted.

I managed to find the right balance of marking the course well enough that no one racing it went off course, and none of the other park users were distrupted by miles of tape cutting off paths. It all could've ended in tears however: I did a lot of the marking early Wednesday afternoon, so that I could arrive circa 6pm and only have to do the taping that would go across paths. Unfortunately, some douchetard decided to tear down a lot of the tape that I put up. As annoying as that was, what really burned was the fact that they left the torn tape on the ground or hanging off trees! I can understand tearing it down because you think it is an eyesore or so much garbage, but to tear it down and then litter with it?!? It makes you wonder...
Thankfully, Martin and Tayna were there early and offered to help repair and finish the course marking. I want to thank both of them profusely for being there and Martin gets special thanks for helping to build the two new obstacles. I would also like to thank everyone that helped with tearing down the course afterwards. It made the morning cleanup so much easier.

With all that said, the crowd of racers did stay on course this round. It was quite a sight to see serpentine lines of light moving throughout the park's woods and fields. Racers tore through the hard, icy conditions, the new obstacles, and the addition of a brutally steep 'gut-buster' of a climb/run-up, which only Punk Ass cleared, once. The only incident that I heard of someone going off course was when Manmeat took a corner too fast and slid under the course tape. Several people did take the corners too hot and slid out, notably Dollywood, who wanged his knee and threatened to sue.

Whatever; it served him right for not respecting the ice. He was quickly appeased with booze anyway. He's easy that way (and several others, if the rumours are true) .

The partial results:

Harriet 1st
Hot Pants 2nd
1/2 3rd
Teapot 4th
Manhunter 5th
Punk Ass
and so on...
... until we hit Pokey (DFL), whose light conked out just before the start. He rode three laps by chasing other people's lights, until he had enough and stopped for bourbon. In my books, stopping for bourbon is always a good call. Bonus points for pushing 1/2 over during the Leman's start!

So, since there are prizes to be had for the overall series winner(men and women) and other random categories (I'm not telling until the end of the series), there are points being taken. Here is the breakdown of the system:

1st= 5 points
2nd= 4 points
3rd= 3 points
4th= 2 points
5th 1.5

Everyone else gets a point for participating. Since the first race was somewhat chaotic, I just gave everyone a point, except for Harriet, who got another .5 for having done a Leman's finish complete with a snow angel. That shit was classy.

The top 5 are as follows:

Harriet: 6.5 points
Hot Pants: 5 points
1/2: 4 points
Manhunter: 2.5

That's it for now. The next race is new location on the 22nd. All I will say for now is, bring a crazy carpet or something to slide on, and make sure it can carry two people.


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Conditions...

...will be smooth, hard and fast. With the exceptions of the snow field, and the obstacles, any bike could be a contender tomorrow since we have gotten now snow recently and the course has been well packed by pedestrians and dogs. I will stress this: some of the sections are both off camber and icy. You will want to keep that in mind on your first go around, especially if you are riding clipless as you could very quickly find yourself on the ground!

I really hope someone shows up on a unicycle.

Monday, February 6, 2012

LPP #2!


The race will be happening at Hampton park again. I have some unfinished business with that course, and just to make it less boring for you folks, I am tweaking the route and adding two new obstacles.

Be there by 7:30 to get your nameplates (or bring your own if you remember your name and have a plate), pre-ride is at 7:45 and race starts at 8. Drinks afterward chez moi.

Spread the word!


Thursday, February 2, 2012

Video from the first race.

Now that this has been posted on the Ottawa Citizen cycle blog, I figured what the hey, might as well let everyone who hasn't seen the video from the first race get a chance to. As well, let me take this opportunity to remind everyone that the second race is this Wednesday, Feb 8th. I will announce the location Monday night.

Enjoy the weekend!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

It's on.

Mooney's Bay, eight pm. Try to show up a little early and do a couple of laps to help pack down the course, which hasn't seen any work done to it since Saturday.

Calling the madison

Hey Everyone,

I am going to call the race around 4, yeah or nay. If it is really icy out there and or is really wet and raining by then, I will cancel: the whole point of the madison was to take advantage of a pre-packed, short, fast course, and to go whipping around and have some fun while taking corners all moto-style. Powering through wet, soupy trails with a chilling rain falling is not what I was intending for today, that is part of the four original races.

Sorry if this sounds flaky, but I feel I am allowed a certain amount of latitude, since this event was not on the schedule to begin with.


Sunday, January 29, 2012

Race 1.5 this Wednesday!

Tricia Spooner and Tall Tree Cycles had a fat bike demo yesterday at Mooney's Bay. Overall, it was quite successful, with about 50 people signing up to try out the bikes on a course that was twisty, well-packed, with a gentle drop and climb. While at the demo, someone (can't remember who: Matt, Sean?) suggested that the course would make for a fun gathering/race. Someone suggested a Madison so I am thinking ...

Low Pressure Wednesdays #1.5: Assured Madison Destruction!

The rules: -Two people, one bike. That's right, you share a bike (think of it as the demo day continued). Find someone with a fat bike or a mountain bike with wider tires, find a seat height that mostly works for both of you, and pedal! If you don't have a partner, or want to partner up with a fat bike, show up early and we'll see what we can do. But just in case, bring your own bike.

-Body contact is allowed (we have a score to settle, Mr. Johnson). Rest assured, you are not going to hit anything: the course is on an open field. That said, don't come with the intention of playing smash-up derby; that shit will get you thrown to the curb.

-Race is 45 minutes and a lap.

-Have lights.

-Race starts at 8 pm. Every team throws in a toonie, winners takes all, unless someone's bike get damaged. Meet at the 1st parking lot in from Riverside and Ridgewood intersection.

Friday, January 27, 2012

1st race recap

About 17 folks paid their 5 bucks (and two people poached-you know who you are, punks) to see what I came up with for my first race as an organizer. Generally, I think people liked it and there is a good race report here that summaries the general chaos and fun.

However, as enjoyable as the chaos was, there is room to improve.

The course needed to be better marked. What seemed obvious to me in the daylight, on a course I walked a half dozen times and rode double that was, for a pack of riders in the dark, going fast on a strange course, not so obvious. Everyone at some point got confused and missed sections. It didn't seem to detract from the fun folks had, and most of the big sections of the course were ridden constantly, except for maybe the log barrier, which a few folks said that they never saw again after the pre-ride. Oh well.

For what it is worth, here are the top results, although how accurate they are is anybody guess.

Harriet -1st (and the only one to do the Lemans finish; loved the victory snow-angel)
Manhunter -3rd
1/2 -4th
Ozzy -5th
Zero -6th
Orange -7th
Fushia -8th
My Little Pony -9th
Egghunt -10th
Vlad the Inhaler -11th
Bubbles -12th

After that I just stopped taking names.

The next course will be marked a bit better, and I am not going to try doing the painted snow method again. What I sprayed in the afternoon was faded by the evening and only worked in a few places where I REALLY laid it on thick; to do that for the whole course would take gallons of liquid. So I am going to use way more course tape and do it at the last minute, hoping that it doesn't get torn down just before the race.

As for the course route, I'll make the next courses more straightforward as well. No loops within the loop.

I have an idea for a picnic-table pump track, provided we get some more snow...


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Someone took pictures!

Thanks to Will from Tall Tree cycles for coming out and taking a bunch of pictures.

Here's the link to them:

I'll write more tomorrow, when I am not working and hung over.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Course conditions

Four words: Hard, lumpy and icy.

To elaborate: during the melt, folks were walking on the trails (as is their right) and as the snow got soft, feet went through the surface and either created holes, or unsettled the snow. Now that the snow is hard (and I mean hella hard), there are ripples and holes all over the place, despite trying to flatten them with my snow shoes this morning. As well all the hills are now quite icy, which should make the up-hills interesting. The down-hills should be fine, as they are routed to go down uncompacted trails.

Set your tires on soft folks, and be ready to dab.

Monday, January 23, 2012

First race

Is going to be held at Hampton Park, off of Kirkland and Carling ave. Meet at the baseball fields.

Arrive before 7 45 for the pre-ride/tour; to sign waivers and get a pie plate with your race name on it (mine is flounder).

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Saturday, January 21, 2012


Thanks to the talented Greg Cosgrove for the art! Everyone, please copy and paste, paste, and paste!


Saturday, January 14, 2012

Stunt it!

The pic is kinda crappy, and it is buried under snow, but this a tease of one of the obstacles on the course. I used the wading pool in the park; riders have the option of using this step down (about a 18" drop) to get into the pool and then get up to speed and use the jump on the other side of the pool to get out. It's totally doable: I've already done it several times. For those who would rather not, there is a bypass that takes you around, down the stairs and back up them, out of the pool.

But if I were you, I'd stunt it.

After the storm,

So, I went out this morning for a couple of hours on my snowshoes, and walked the course route to pack it down. I'll try to keep the course pretty firm, except in a few places where I won't, just to make it a bit harder for you all. Some sections will be wide enough to pass on, other sections, not so much.If it snows a lot between now and the 25th, expect soft trails, but if it's dry and/or there is a melt, these trails will get much faster...

Monday, January 9, 2012


Hey folks,

If you are pretty sure you are going to show up for any of these races, it would be great to let me know in advance, that way I can know what I am dealing with. Also, I can give you your race number and have it already marked on a pie plate for you. Yes, there will be plenty of zip ties.

Send me your name and what dates you were thinking to I'll get back to you.

Sunday, January 8, 2012


This here is the site for info a a few races I am cooking up for people who want to get out and mess around on their bikes during the middle of winter here in Ottawa. They will be held during the Wednesday evenings of Jan 25th and Feburary 8th and 22nd. Maybe there will be one in March, depending on snow.

I am going to charge 5 bucks per race, to cover supplies and some prizes. If there is a March race, it'll be free to whoever has paid for all three races.

I use the term 'race' loosely, since it will be at night, in a city park on a course that will not be closed off. Think of it more as a "go-fast ride"

Think of the format as an alley cat meets a cross race. Unlit. On snow. With random obstacles. And a Le Mans start.

And a Le Mans finish.

I will post the the location of the first race the afternoon of the 25th, a few hours before it happens. It will be within a 5km radius of MEC.

Read the rules and 'pain waiver' for more info.