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Check out the facebook page here. It's got more pics, links and ways to waste your time.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Video! A real, honest video!

This will be my legacy.

Well, actually it will partly be mine: VJ Ina at Ottawa Velo Vogue and a friend of her's (sorry I totally forget your name), showed up at the last race, filmed it, and she put together this great clip. I suggested the song, which is 'Shut Up" by Savages, from their album called 'Silence Yourself'. I hope they don't mind we used it.

Oh and the next race is Feb 14th, from 7:30 until 11-ish, in Chelsea. More details to follow...


Monday, January 20, 2014


Thanks to Rodrigo, there is a video of one full lap of Saturdays' race. Enjoy!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

LPP January recap, the one where I finally figure out how to take videos.

So, Hampton Park is in the bag.

Post race drinks, next to the jump track. Special thanks to Eric B. for hosting and letting us ride his jumptrack!

Unlike last year, the conditions for this edition were perfect: hard, fast and with the snow that fell earlier in the day, plenty grippy. The racing was fast and at times intense; Marty got accused of throwing an elbow, but claims that he was just passing on the inside. No fists were thrown, so all ended well. Overwhelmingly people were pleasant and polite and new folks were greeted warmly. Post race, Iain confessed he felt really awkward having to ask the rider in front of him if he had lapped him.

Oh, the burden of being fast...

The best part of that exchange was that the person lied to Iain and said that he had, but in truth hadn't, thus avoiding said lapping for a while longer. Tricky!

After three years, I think I finally have nailed down the way to mark a course well enough that folks who are cross-eyed from effort don't go off course, even at night. Without using tape, that is. This year the feedback was great: people didn't get lost; and the comments could be surmised with the following statement: Not grueling but it had enough surprises to keep you on your toes. 

Especially if you were George, riding a single-speed 29er, as seen below: There were about three guys who came out on regular bikes, and seemed to hold their own.


Around 30 folks showed up, many new to the scene, including four ladies (finally)! Of note was Kat W, who along with Sean R. decided that racing was best done in the following format: Do a lap, have a beer, do a lap, have another beer, spectate for a bit, then do a last lap, followed by more beer. Mel, the fastest of the womenfolk, was just excited to be out: she and her husband Andrew have been coming out to races regularly, but with a young child, they don't get out as much as they would like. Unfortunately, the babysitter had to cancel at the last minute. Since Andrew made it out in December, Mel was up. She was all smiles.

The top three were Matt, Iain, and Ted. Rob P would likely have been in there, but had a mechanical. He borrowed  his wife Trish's bike, but didn't regain contact with the front runners, even though they stopped and waited for him. Since the top three all said they would rather be third than try to produce art, I will not give them rankings. Matt tried to persuade me to accept his nose-bonks on the table-top jump as performance art, but since it wasn't really engaging in some larger discourse, I couldn't accept it. And anyways, Ted was doing some nice jumping too...

I will leave you with this one final video. Jakob, the unicyclist showed up again, as he did at Fortune. He loved the course and again, he impressed the hell out of everyone with his speed and skills. Here he is on the jump course, on his way to becoming a fan favourite!

Thanks to everyone for coming out; it looks like I managed to cover my costs again, which is all I ever want. Well, that and some free stuff.

See you all in February.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

And today's event is...

At Hampton Park!

here is a map of the location:

You can park at in the lot at the end of Sebring avenue, behind the mall. Then just follow the main trail (the one with the lamps) over to the start/finish line. There are a few as in three parking spots at the end of Buell street, but it's first come, first serve.

I did a not-so quick strava run of the course today, while walking the dog. Here's that link:

I am happy to say that the course has just one place that is a bit icy, which is the off-camber section, but it is all rideable!

See you around 7pm, don't forget, pre-ride is at 7:30 and race is at 8pm sharp.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Post thaw...

...and the course is good. It is a go folks

There are a few small posthole here and there, but right now, the course is totally rideable. It is a bit icy,  especially in the off-camber  and high-traffic sections. So, if you have studs, put them on. However, if someone with a regular mountain bike wants to come out, you likely won't be walking much.

I am also excited to announce that a friend of LPP, who lives adjacent to the spot where the race will be, has agreed to host a post-race party. So everyone is invited after the race to wheel the 300 meters over to his house, where there will be drinks, snacks, a fire, and best of all: A jump course with three table tops, and a banked slalom course! Whoo!

As mentioned before, the location will be announced Saturday at noon.


Saturday, January 11, 2014

After Thawageddon, we race! After we race, we Art!

So, first things first: The next race is Saturday, Jan 18th. Sign-up and pre-ride between 7pm and 7:30-ish, race starts between 7:30 and 8pm. We keep it casual. Pre-race libations encouraged.

Race is one hour and a lap. There will be drinks and snacks afterwards, nearby.

I will announce the location Saturday around noon on this site. I'll post a map too. I will say this: the location will be familiar to veterans. To those who are new, it is downtown-ish and easy to get to. There is parking.
One of several 'bumps' in the course. Harder than it looks. 

As for the course, well, yesterday it was in crazy good shape. However, with this melt, I think there will be a few long nights after work filling up postholes.... sigh.

We've opted not for any big climbs, stunts or set pieces, but a course that really twists and turns back on itself and 'bumps' that will disrupt your momentum. Lots of slow- speed turning, speed-up-then-slow-down sections. It does have three sections to open up the throttle and pass, since this is suppose to be a race. Aside from one steep downhill, I think the course is pretty low-risk.

Just mind your head.

Oh, and the top three places will be decided by an art-off: the top three get fifteen minutes to create  'art'(I use the term generously), with either crayons and paper, or with snow. If you want, a performance piece will be accepted. The finished pieces will be judged by the rest of the racers.

The theme? Naked fatbikes. Time to get your Art on!

See you all Saturday,