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Saturday, March 3, 2012

One Week to Kanata! Volunteers and stuff wanted

It's one week to the grand finale(and bush party) for LPP's first snow race series. The course has been set, finish line decided and party space chosen. As already mentioned the race starts at 8. the start line is accessible from the K2 entrance and then you go straight in and cross over the swamp via the foot bridge. The start area will be just a bit past the bridge on your right if the bridge is at your back. The course itself uses parts of M-Line, Porcupine, Rock Hopper and South Dogsled, just to give you a hint...

Now all we need is a bit of help and some things to make the work load lighter. First off, does any one have an hibachi, or a portable, coal burning bbq? we could use it for cooking, warming water and as a general heat source. Speaking of heat, does anyone have some wood to spare? I know, I know, we are in the middle of the woods, but it IS an conservation area, and there is no guarantee that there will be any ample supply of fuel lying around. Some torches would be great too, again for heat but for light as well.

If we could get a couple of people to be race warrens that would be great too. The track is a figure 8, and we need two people to direct folks onto whatever loop they are going onto next. The other thing I would like is a couple of people to come out on Saturday morning or Friday night with snow shoes and walk the course once with me, partly to pack it down a bit, but really to help me make a very passing lanes for racers, since the course is pretty narrow.

If you want to help, or offer stuff, you will get to race for free, and be given copious amounts of beer and wieners. Oh and much thanks.

you can contact me here or at

See you next week!

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