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Check out the facebook page here. It's got more pics, links and ways to waste your time.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Race 1.5 this Wednesday!

Tricia Spooner and Tall Tree Cycles had a fat bike demo yesterday at Mooney's Bay. Overall, it was quite successful, with about 50 people signing up to try out the bikes on a course that was twisty, well-packed, with a gentle drop and climb. While at the demo, someone (can't remember who: Matt, Sean?) suggested that the course would make for a fun gathering/race. Someone suggested a Madison so I am thinking ...

Low Pressure Wednesdays #1.5: Assured Madison Destruction!

The rules: -Two people, one bike. That's right, you share a bike (think of it as the demo day continued). Find someone with a fat bike or a mountain bike with wider tires, find a seat height that mostly works for both of you, and pedal! If you don't have a partner, or want to partner up with a fat bike, show up early and we'll see what we can do. But just in case, bring your own bike.

-Body contact is allowed (we have a score to settle, Mr. Johnson). Rest assured, you are not going to hit anything: the course is on an open field. That said, don't come with the intention of playing smash-up derby; that shit will get you thrown to the curb.

-Race is 45 minutes and a lap.

-Have lights.

-Race starts at 8 pm. Every team throws in a toonie, winners takes all, unless someone's bike get damaged. Meet at the 1st parking lot in from Riverside and Ridgewood intersection.

Friday, January 27, 2012

1st race recap

About 17 folks paid their 5 bucks (and two people poached-you know who you are, punks) to see what I came up with for my first race as an organizer. Generally, I think people liked it and there is a good race report here that summaries the general chaos and fun.

However, as enjoyable as the chaos was, there is room to improve.

The course needed to be better marked. What seemed obvious to me in the daylight, on a course I walked a half dozen times and rode double that was, for a pack of riders in the dark, going fast on a strange course, not so obvious. Everyone at some point got confused and missed sections. It didn't seem to detract from the fun folks had, and most of the big sections of the course were ridden constantly, except for maybe the log barrier, which a few folks said that they never saw again after the pre-ride. Oh well.

For what it is worth, here are the top results, although how accurate they are is anybody guess.

Harriet -1st (and the only one to do the Lemans finish; loved the victory snow-angel)
Manhunter -3rd
1/2 -4th
Ozzy -5th
Zero -6th
Orange -7th
Fushia -8th
My Little Pony -9th
Egghunt -10th
Vlad the Inhaler -11th
Bubbles -12th

After that I just stopped taking names.

The next course will be marked a bit better, and I am not going to try doing the painted snow method again. What I sprayed in the afternoon was faded by the evening and only worked in a few places where I REALLY laid it on thick; to do that for the whole course would take gallons of liquid. So I am going to use way more course tape and do it at the last minute, hoping that it doesn't get torn down just before the race.

As for the course route, I'll make the next courses more straightforward as well. No loops within the loop.

I have an idea for a picnic-table pump track, provided we get some more snow...


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Someone took pictures!

Thanks to Will from Tall Tree cycles for coming out and taking a bunch of pictures.

Here's the link to them:

I'll write more tomorrow, when I am not working and hung over.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Course conditions

Four words: Hard, lumpy and icy.

To elaborate: during the melt, folks were walking on the trails (as is their right) and as the snow got soft, feet went through the surface and either created holes, or unsettled the snow. Now that the snow is hard (and I mean hella hard), there are ripples and holes all over the place, despite trying to flatten them with my snow shoes this morning. As well all the hills are now quite icy, which should make the up-hills interesting. The down-hills should be fine, as they are routed to go down uncompacted trails.

Set your tires on soft folks, and be ready to dab.

Monday, January 23, 2012

First race

Is going to be held at Hampton Park, off of Kirkland and Carling ave. Meet at the baseball fields.

Arrive before 7 45 for the pre-ride/tour; to sign waivers and get a pie plate with your race name on it (mine is flounder).

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Saturday, January 21, 2012


Thanks to the talented Greg Cosgrove for the art! Everyone, please copy and paste, paste, and paste!


Saturday, January 14, 2012

Stunt it!

The pic is kinda crappy, and it is buried under snow, but this a tease of one of the obstacles on the course. I used the wading pool in the park; riders have the option of using this step down (about a 18" drop) to get into the pool and then get up to speed and use the jump on the other side of the pool to get out. It's totally doable: I've already done it several times. For those who would rather not, there is a bypass that takes you around, down the stairs and back up them, out of the pool.

But if I were you, I'd stunt it.

After the storm,

So, I went out this morning for a couple of hours on my snowshoes, and walked the course route to pack it down. I'll try to keep the course pretty firm, except in a few places where I won't, just to make it a bit harder for you all. Some sections will be wide enough to pass on, other sections, not so much.If it snows a lot between now and the 25th, expect soft trails, but if it's dry and/or there is a melt, these trails will get much faster...

Monday, January 9, 2012


Hey folks,

If you are pretty sure you are going to show up for any of these races, it would be great to let me know in advance, that way I can know what I am dealing with. Also, I can give you your race number and have it already marked on a pie plate for you. Yes, there will be plenty of zip ties.

Send me your name and what dates you were thinking to I'll get back to you.

Sunday, January 8, 2012


This here is the site for info a a few races I am cooking up for people who want to get out and mess around on their bikes during the middle of winter here in Ottawa. They will be held during the Wednesday evenings of Jan 25th and Feburary 8th and 22nd. Maybe there will be one in March, depending on snow.

I am going to charge 5 bucks per race, to cover supplies and some prizes. If there is a March race, it'll be free to whoever has paid for all three races.

I use the term 'race' loosely, since it will be at night, in a city park on a course that will not be closed off. Think of it more as a "go-fast ride"

Think of the format as an alley cat meets a cross race. Unlit. On snow. With random obstacles. And a Le Mans start.

And a Le Mans finish.

I will post the the location of the first race the afternoon of the 25th, a few hours before it happens. It will be within a 5km radius of MEC.

Read the rules and 'pain waiver' for more info.