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Thursday, March 22, 2012

LPP #4 and what's next.

I kept waiting to get some photos of the last race before I did a write-up, but low and behold, the person whose pics I was waiting for, did a write up on the Steelwool blog! Makes my life that much easier.

I would like to say thank everyone who came out and rode/race of the last few months, those who helped out (Brad, Erica, Marty, Tanya and Chris stand out), those you came out to watch, and the people who helped spread the word. These races will be back next year for sure, and any suggestions for formats and venues would be appreciated.

That said, keep an eye on this spot, My friends and I have a few events simmering for this spring and summer! Who would like to see these events happen:

-Human powered drag races (bike sprints) during Westfest
-A flat-track oval race (cutter-style) Based on the Little 500
-Mountain bike technical time trial (2 km of hella-hard trail, timed) in downtown Hull
-A 110-ish gravel grinder north of Buckingham, Quebec
-Late night mountain bike race
-An 8 or 12 hour race (or both).

More details to come.

Until then,

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