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Friday, January 27, 2012

1st race recap

About 17 folks paid their 5 bucks (and two people poached-you know who you are, punks) to see what I came up with for my first race as an organizer. Generally, I think people liked it and there is a good race report here that summaries the general chaos and fun.

However, as enjoyable as the chaos was, there is room to improve.

The course needed to be better marked. What seemed obvious to me in the daylight, on a course I walked a half dozen times and rode double that was, for a pack of riders in the dark, going fast on a strange course, not so obvious. Everyone at some point got confused and missed sections. It didn't seem to detract from the fun folks had, and most of the big sections of the course were ridden constantly, except for maybe the log barrier, which a few folks said that they never saw again after the pre-ride. Oh well.

For what it is worth, here are the top results, although how accurate they are is anybody guess.

Harriet -1st (and the only one to do the Lemans finish; loved the victory snow-angel)
Manhunter -3rd
1/2 -4th
Ozzy -5th
Zero -6th
Orange -7th
Fushia -8th
My Little Pony -9th
Egghunt -10th
Vlad the Inhaler -11th
Bubbles -12th

After that I just stopped taking names.

The next course will be marked a bit better, and I am not going to try doing the painted snow method again. What I sprayed in the afternoon was faded by the evening and only worked in a few places where I REALLY laid it on thick; to do that for the whole course would take gallons of liquid. So I am going to use way more course tape and do it at the last minute, hoping that it doesn't get torn down just before the race.

As for the course route, I'll make the next courses more straightforward as well. No loops within the loop.

I have an idea for a picnic-table pump track, provided we get some more snow...


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