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Check out the facebook page here. It's got more pics, links and ways to waste your time.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Race, Jan 30th, 2013...

Is being held at Hampton Park. Here is a the map:

The weather isn't as bad as predicted, so traction shouldn't be too bad, and it sounds like it won't be dumping buckets!

Registration starts after 7 (bring change). Preride is at 7:30, Race is at 8 for an hour.

Drinks and nibbles afterwards at a house nearby.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Come rain or snow, there will be prizes galore!

The forecast is this, dammit.

Well, I don't care, I will not be denied a third time! The race is on, even if it's a bog slog. If the stunts are too soft, there will be bypasses, as there always are. If the trails are really soft, well, suck it up. If you are really tired after a lap or two, stop, grab a beer, and throw slushballs.

Just bring a rain jacket.

Now, to ensure a good turnout regardless of the weather for this, and all remaining races, I present bait.

I want to give a shout out to Live to Play sports, Tall Tree Cycles and Outdoor Gear Canada for their generous contributions, and I am still waiting for a stash of more lights and Lizard skin grips to come in too! Coolness!

Part of the bounty
Prizes will be given out at every race: there will be ones for first second and third, and there will be three random draw prizes as well. That's six prizes a race! Winners get to pick one thing from the pile.

This dosen't include the swag that Kichesippi is going to supply, apart from the discounted booze they are offering up, bless them.

There will be two special prizes on top of the ones already mentioned. Many, many thanks to NRG Enterprises for these two great prizes:

The first prize will be given on Feb 10th, after the daytime course. It is going to be a draw prize, so anyone who shows up and races will get a ticket to win this. As well, you can buy another five tickets for five bucks if you really really want to win. All proceeds go towards beer, food and firewood.

This is the prize:
Super-fat super-prize!
 Yes, a pair of Surly Bud and Lou 4.8" tires. You know you wanna!

The other prize is going for the best overall in the series. Points will be handed out for the first five finishers in men and first three in women. The man or woman with the most point will win a Larry and a Knard tire, perfect for summer riding!

This prize will handed out at the finale in March.

So, since we lost a race, there is a change in pricing. Races will be seven bucks per race still, but all four of them will only cost you twenty bucks. I hope that seems fair to everyone.

If not, screw you all, I'm going to sell the tires.

As always, the race location will be announced Wednesday at noon.

Until then,

Monday, January 21, 2013

Postponed, again! Unless...


So, a week after the melt destroyed the course I set up, we get this for weather on Wednesday. I would like to consider myself hard, but spending the next two nights preparing and running a course for what may be a vey low level of attendance  does not sound appealing to me. Oh, and really freaking cold.  I chatted with some people, and consulted the fat bike society. Survey says: postpone. I am inclined to do that.

But here's the deal: if 20 people write in and say "I'll be there, really," by 6pm Tuesday, I'll do it. If not, I promise that the race, and the bourbon toddies will flow on Wednesday the 30th.

Hope you all can forgive me,


Monday, January 14, 2013


Hey everyone,

I'm sorry, but due to the melt we had over the last three days, the course I had set is now a rutted, mangled and soon-to-be-icy mess. I am postponing the race by a week, so either some snow can fall and help me smooth out the course, or give me time to set up another venue. With the course as it is right now, I would need about 8 hours to stomp and shovel it into shape, and I don't have that much time available.

The course was looking good on Thursday: I had everything set before the melt, and the sections I had stomped with snowshoes and the ramps I had built were firming up nicely. But the melt came, and everything softened up, allowing the dozens of people who walked all over the snowshoes tracks (grrr) to leave hundreds of foot-sized potholes all over them, rendering them useless. Meanwhile, the pedestrian trails and the ramps that are still smooth are becoming VERY icy as the temperature drops again.  So, if I did go ahead with the race on Wednesday, it would be a mix of brutally bumpy and uneven trails, mixed with sections that will be almost glare ice. 

While I want these races to have a few challenges, ultimately they are supposed to be fun, not dangerously unpredictable and relentlessly harsh. So, I am calling it: First race, Jan 23rd, then back to the posted schedule.

Again, sorry about this, if you know someone who was planning on showing up, please spread the word.


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 race schedule

Happy New Years everyone.

I started 2013 how I always do: with a hangover. After several cups of coffee and leftovers from the party the night before, I finally got out for a ride, before the sun set. Oh, and the schedule for LPP's 2013 schedule was set. That was done in bed.

While the last week or so has not been great for fatbiking after all the snow we got, the reports on the society page have been saying that the trails around the city are in excellent shape now due to all the holiday traffic. Hampton Park, a little park close to where I live, was crap riding last week, but over the last five days, the trails have been packed down nice and hard by folks and their dogs. Deep troughs cut through the snow, and on them there is great speed and traction, but steer wide and you're hub-deep in snow. Classic winter riding!

The  fattie, straddling the trail.

While the ride was great, and the crisp air purged me of my hangover, the best part of Hampton was adding to my good karma: As I was riding around, I older gentleman asked me if I had seen a dog. I hadn't, but said I would keep an eye out. Five minutes later, I saw the dog, an old Jack Russel mix that looked scared and confused. I asked a lady nearby if it was hers and she said no. I told her I thought the dog was lost, and she said she'd keep the dog with her by means of treats. I went and found the man, and owner and dog were reunited. Everyone got to feel good.

Speaking of feeling good, I finally chose dates for the races this winter. Here they are.

Wednesday, Jan. 16th: pre ride at 7:30pm, race starts at 8
Wednesday, Jan. 30th: pre ride at 7:30pm, race starts at 8
Sunday, Feb. 10th : Registration and pre ride starts at 12pm, races start at 1. More on this event soon!
Wednesday, Feb. 27th: pre ride at 7:30pm, race starts at 8

Series final is Saturday, March 9th. Races starts at 7pm, party follows around 9pm.

As always, the races will be announced at noon the day of the race, or by word-of mouth. All the nighttime races are about an hour. The exception will be the Sunday afternoon race which I'll post up sooner rather than later.

Races will be 7 bucks each or all five for 25. Anyone who wants to pre-register, send an email to