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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Gonna get something started.

Hey Everyone,

      Last night, I saw my breath for the first time this fall. The magical sight of my mouth moisture disappearing into the finally chilling night sky reminded me of something: That I needed to start getting my shit together and get this season’s organizing underway!

     Aside from picking some of the venues and making the decision to do a couple of daytime races, maybe legally, maybe, uh, more paralegally.. I’ve been thinking of what I need for this season in terms of supplies. Last year, I made do with modest equipment and no budget aside from what folks paid. Truth be told, I ran at a loss. This year, however, I am going to seek a few sponsors to help defray costs, and I am going to raise prices by a toonie. I hope that is not seen as excessive and please be reassured: I am not making a dime off of this (empties do not count).

      I think seven bucks is not too excessive, considering the time it takes me, and the fact there is booze and food afterwards. But I will make this offer to the whiney-ass scrooges out there: you can pay last year’s prices, provided you pay for all of your races in advance. You don’t even have to pay for all the races, just the ones you’ll be attending. Can’t make all six, but plan on doing five? Cool, just pay for five. Only doing two? Whatever, wussballs. Tenner up front.

      Poor in cash flow but rich in stuff? I need stuff. Anyone who wants to help out generously in a materialistic fashion will get to ride at half price. Here's this season’s shopping list for LPP:

• Tiki torches
• A toboggan
• 12 rolls of course tape
• Some stakes/poles for above course tape
• red and/or white blinking lights, used and/or cheap as possible
• A folding table would be nice
• Small paper plates
• Plastic cups
• Zip ties
• Some sheets of plywood and a few 2x4’s for ramps
• Firewood
• A leaf blower (ok, just a loaner for one race would be cool)
• Hard liquor
• Seriously, hard liquor. Not for me, it’s for the racers to drink during the booze lap: Give me anything and I’ll find some warm, overly sweet cocktail to make, and stick in my party thermos!

     Of course, if you just want to donate to the cause, you will have my deep, eternal thanks (as Glenn already does from last year), and will always be welcomed to race, or spectate, or drink freely from my party thermos.

No, that was not an euphimism. Pervert.


  1. I'd be interested and can probably bring some firewood, 10x10 with propane heater ....


  2. PAULIE! Did you finally pull the pin on a fatbike? Thney have the Pugs in 14" size now ;-)

  3. Paul,

    You're awesome. Would love to get wood for a few of the races (likely the final, and the daytime ones for a warming station). Now I have to ask: what is a 10x10? is that a tent?

  4. I have a leaf blower that you can use for the entirety of the race schedule.