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Friday, February 17, 2012

Teaser for LPP #3

I went out today before work to do some prep for the third race. I thought I would have to do some packing down of trails with my snowshoes, but with the melt that is going on and a surprising amount of pedestrian traffic, no packing was needed: all the trails are nice and solid, even the jump on the twisty downhill is in good shape! The berms on the finale are actually starting to show dirt at the top of them due to the melt, which is not a bad thing, as last week the berms were so slick you had to go through them quite slow, and that defeats the whole purpose of a berm's existence...

The pic above shows today's work. I shovelled a lot of wet, heavy snow up against a highway divider to build and up-and-over, so those with the gumption do not have to dismount. I built it for two reasons: they are fun to ride and there are already two barriers most people will have to dismount for, a third just seemed excessive.

Now I wonder, with the clues provided above, can anyone figure out where the race will be?

All will be revealed Monday.


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