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Sunday, January 8, 2012


This here is the site for info a a few races I am cooking up for people who want to get out and mess around on their bikes during the middle of winter here in Ottawa. They will be held during the Wednesday evenings of Jan 25th and Feburary 8th and 22nd. Maybe there will be one in March, depending on snow.

I am going to charge 5 bucks per race, to cover supplies and some prizes. If there is a March race, it'll be free to whoever has paid for all three races.

I use the term 'race' loosely, since it will be at night, in a city park on a course that will not be closed off. Think of it more as a "go-fast ride"

Think of the format as an alley cat meets a cross race. Unlit. On snow. With random obstacles. And a Le Mans start.

And a Le Mans finish.

I will post the the location of the first race the afternoon of the 25th, a few hours before it happens. It will be within a 5km radius of MEC.

Read the rules and 'pain waiver' for more info.


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