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Monday, January 14, 2013


Hey everyone,

I'm sorry, but due to the melt we had over the last three days, the course I had set is now a rutted, mangled and soon-to-be-icy mess. I am postponing the race by a week, so either some snow can fall and help me smooth out the course, or give me time to set up another venue. With the course as it is right now, I would need about 8 hours to stomp and shovel it into shape, and I don't have that much time available.

The course was looking good on Thursday: I had everything set before the melt, and the sections I had stomped with snowshoes and the ramps I had built were firming up nicely. But the melt came, and everything softened up, allowing the dozens of people who walked all over the snowshoes tracks (grrr) to leave hundreds of foot-sized potholes all over them, rendering them useless. Meanwhile, the pedestrian trails and the ramps that are still smooth are becoming VERY icy as the temperature drops again.  So, if I did go ahead with the race on Wednesday, it would be a mix of brutally bumpy and uneven trails, mixed with sections that will be almost glare ice. 

While I want these races to have a few challenges, ultimately they are supposed to be fun, not dangerously unpredictable and relentlessly harsh. So, I am calling it: First race, Jan 23rd, then back to the posted schedule.

Again, sorry about this, if you know someone who was planning on showing up, please spread the word.


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