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Thursday, February 13, 2014

So, I hope to see a good turnout tomorrow night. If you were on the cusp of coming, you should; everything is ready at my end, and should be at the site, which the folks at Chelsea Nordiq are stoked about. And it is for charity, so come out and ride; the racing will only be as serious as you want it to be, people will be grouped together by speed after the first round.

There will be food and hot beverages available and tons of prizes, but sorry, no liquor. The organizers of the ski event can’t have anyone drinking at this event on site, as it is on city land, and they don’t have a permit for it. There are going to be a lot of kids around too, and if we fatbikers ,as a community, want to build good relationships with other trail users, drinking in front of their kids and racing bikes is perhaps bad optics.

I know; it hurts me to have to say it too, but this one time we have to be quasi-respectable.

On top of no booze at the event, the organizers asked that we  do not park around or near the course, but at the school parking lot, just past the course. WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT PARK NEAR THE FIRE STATION, OR ON ANY ROADS THAT WOULD BLOCK THE FIRE TRUCKS!!!

Bad things will happen if you do; firefighters have their own justice.

Hope to see lots of folks out there.


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