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Monday, February 3, 2014

LPP#11, Feb 14th: Super-fat Sprints!

Stew from Chelsea Nordiq contacted LPP two weeks ago with an offer to do a race. It turns out that the xc ski club he is all deep in, is doing an event for the Gatineau loppet on Feb 14th. It's called a super sprint and to me, it seems like a bmx course for xc skiers.

This is the logo for the race, which also has a rough map of what the course will look like. Stu told me the club are spending several thousand dollars bringing in snow and building a course that will have climbs, drops, step-downs, and rhythm sections, all in a 400 meter-long, 6 meter-wide course.

Here is their logo, with a sketch of the course:

This is a video that shows a race:

So here is how the evening will go:
  • The race is going to be at the Chelsea Elementary School on  Old Chelsea road in Chelsea(click here for the link).
  • The night will go from 8:00pm until 11:00 ish. Yes, the course is totally lit, so no need for lights!
  • Registration starts at 8:00 and there will be 30minutes to an hour of warm-up, starting at 8:30ish
  • The racing starts around nine. 
Here is how the racing will happen:
  • Everyone with do at least four rounds of racing.
  • Riders will be going down three or four at a time, depending on the number of racers and course conditions. 
  • Points will be awarded according to finishing order (3,2,1)
  • Folks will race against other people with similar points. Winners go up against other winners middlings go up against others. 
  • The highest four point totals will go up against each other in one or two more races(depending on time) and will race for the glory. 
  • Drinks at the tavern after! (sorry, no drinking at the race; the event organizers don't have a liquor permit)
Now here is the catch: the event is going to cost 20 dollars for season subscribers, 24.00 for non-season. The added cost is due to the fact that this is a charity event. The funds are going to Chelsea Nordiq's outreach program, which gets underprivileged kids out into the woods. It's a good cause.

But I want to offer some consolation for the price increase, so here's the deal: there will be hot drinks: coffee, hot chocolate. and there will be prizes, tons of door prizes! Live to Play has offered up a bunch of door prizes as has Kichissippi Beer. I can guarantee at least a 50% win ratio.
Don't forget, it is for a good cause. And there's banked turns!

Oh and one bummer, the organizers have said that want it to be a fatbike-only event, so no regular MTB's on the track. Sorry.

I'll post more details as they come up. We'll see you on Friday, February 14th. Bring your date.


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