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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Post thaw...

...and the course is good. It is a go folks

There are a few small posthole here and there, but right now, the course is totally rideable. It is a bit icy,  especially in the off-camber  and high-traffic sections. So, if you have studs, put them on. However, if someone with a regular mountain bike wants to come out, you likely won't be walking much.

I am also excited to announce that a friend of LPP, who lives adjacent to the spot where the race will be, has agreed to host a post-race party. So everyone is invited after the race to wheel the 300 meters over to his house, where there will be drinks, snacks, a fire, and best of all: A jump course with three table tops, and a banked slalom course! Whoo!

As mentioned before, the location will be announced Saturday at noon.


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