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Saturday, January 11, 2014

After Thawageddon, we race! After we race, we Art!

So, first things first: The next race is Saturday, Jan 18th. Sign-up and pre-ride between 7pm and 7:30-ish, race starts between 7:30 and 8pm. We keep it casual. Pre-race libations encouraged.

Race is one hour and a lap. There will be drinks and snacks afterwards, nearby.

I will announce the location Saturday around noon on this site. I'll post a map too. I will say this: the location will be familiar to veterans. To those who are new, it is downtown-ish and easy to get to. There is parking.
One of several 'bumps' in the course. Harder than it looks. 

As for the course, well, yesterday it was in crazy good shape. However, with this melt, I think there will be a few long nights after work filling up postholes.... sigh.

We've opted not for any big climbs, stunts or set pieces, but a course that really twists and turns back on itself and 'bumps' that will disrupt your momentum. Lots of slow- speed turning, speed-up-then-slow-down sections. It does have three sections to open up the throttle and pass, since this is suppose to be a race. Aside from one steep downhill, I think the course is pretty low-risk.

Just mind your head.

Oh, and the top three places will be decided by an art-off: the top three get fifteen minutes to create  'art'(I use the term generously), with either crayons and paper, or with snow. If you want, a performance piece will be accepted. The finished pieces will be judged by the rest of the racers.

The theme? Naked fatbikes. Time to get your Art on!

See you all Saturday,

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