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Monday, March 4, 2013

LPP#3 announced, and pics!

So, considering the amount of snow that we got last week, and the icy, slippery kind of snow it was. I feel fine having postponed the race. It did get me thinking for next year (yes, there will be a next year); that I will likely spread out the races, so they are once a month, from December to March. That way, if the weather creates the havoc it did this, year, I can move  races around without creating bottlenecks of events. That said, I am open to logistical suggestions...

And now it is time to announce LPP#3: It is at Carlington sliding hill. Park at the arena, go around the back, and come up to the top of the hill (no, you will not be racing up it). Race starts at 7:30. Drinks and nibbles after.

Finally, here are some pics from the daytime LPP. Thanks to Zara from Ottawa Velo Vogue for the pics.

See you Wednesday,


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