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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Resuming operations: LPP#3 tommorrow!

Hey everyone,

My apologies on two fronts: The site has been quiet for the last two weeks, as I was on vacation, and did not bring my laptop (I did bring my cycling gear, however). I left the day after LPP#2 happened, and didn't have any time to post anything. I was also hoping to get some pics before I posted, but that didn't happen, so I delayed the post.
A flounder in Florence

Alas, I still dont have any pics from that day, but I will soon, and will post, them promise. I will say this: it was a blast! Chris's track wasn't much to look at, in the sense it didn't strike fear into your hearts, nor did you think it would be much of a workout, but if you did two laps at full pin, your heart would be racing at the end. If you spent a couple of hours on it, you were guaranteed a wipeout. Why? One word: ice. Half the corners had bare, smooth ice coming into them and if you didn't hit the corner just right, or slow enough to put a foot out, you went down. This meant a lot of breaking and a lot of pedalling, resulting in a good, hard effort. All the folks who showed up had a blast.

Props to Andrew Olive, who, despite ruthless teasing by well, everyone, for wearing a skinsuit to race, won the damn thing, and got a set of Surly Bud and Lou tires. I'll write more when I have some pics to go along with it all.

Now, tomorrow's race. It's at Carrlington Hill sledding park. Here is the map:

Meet at the top of the hill, race starts at 7:30 sharp. It is happening, snow or not. Hope to see you there.

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