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Monday, January 12, 2015

Nakkertok, this Sunday, Jan 18th!


     Sorry this is coming so late, but finalizing everything took a while, and there some family health issues that needed to be taken care care of, so forgive me. Frankly I have been updating the facebook page more often, which has been unfair to those who do not facebook. I apologize to all of you.

       But hey, the important new is this: This Sunday is the first time the Nakkertok ski area will be allowing fatbikes on their 30 km of trails. This oughta be fun! Now, here is how the day is going to go:

  • Drive to 139 Route du Carrefour
  • 20 bucks per adult. Kids can come for free.
  • Everyone has to be on a bike with 3" tires or wider.  
  • We'll be at the chalet between 9:30 -10 am. When we get there, give us a few minutes to set up.
  • When we're set up, we'll take your money, get you to sign a waiver (mandatory), and give you a trail map and explain some of the unmarked possibilities.
  • Come when you want, there will be someone at the cabin all day.
  • We'll be making coffee, tea and hot chocolate(powder) so have a drink, and go ride! we encourage you guys to go out,  and experiment Do a loop, come back, eat, go out again. You will have until four. After that, we'll be gone, and the cabin will be locked up. 
  • Note: it is your responsibility to have tools and a map in case you get lost or have a mechanical. There will be no patrols. If you are going to push the 4pm curfew, bring a light.  
  • If you do come back after 4:30, your stuff will be outside the cabin. Maybe we'll leave you a bowl of soup. Can't promise it'll be warm, however.    

   Speaking of soup, around noon, there will be some veggie soup, a veggie chili or stew,  and bread for folks to nosh on. There will be some water brought, but since there is no running water at the main cabin, we encourage you to bring your own to fill bottles, as we will be be using what we have for warm drinks first.

       Now for a few points on behaviour(I know; suckballs, but we are guests here):

  • No booze. No cracking a six-pack open in the cabin. Maybe a discreet flask shared out on the trail, but this can't be like other fatbike events. Boo.
  • You yield: if you see a skier, you make sure they pass unhindered.  Up or down, no matter. if you are passing, be very verbal and polite. Remember, this isn't a shared trail: this is their turf, and they are graciously letting us be there. Let us be gracious too. Smile, talk to them, share your flask.

See you all on the 18th!

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