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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Fatbike Social: all the details!

So, it is official: Camp Fortune has amazingly agreed to let fat bikes run amok on Sunday, Dec 15th. Thank you Camp Fortune, and Peter Sudermann!

But there are limitations. Here are the details, both good and slightly inconvenient:

There will be a tent set up to the left of the Clifford chairlift. Tall Tree Cycles providing a demo day from 2 to dusk (4:30) with a fleet of Surly Pugsleys and Moonlanders. There will be a couple of short trails to try them out on. Maybe a few 9zero7's too. Demos will be let out for 30 minutes a pop. First come first served, but you can take them out multiple times if there is no one waiting. This is all free.

We will NOT be allowed on the skiing hills until after 4:30, when the skiers are off. There will be no hillside lighting, unless it comes from a nearby trail that there is snowmaking on, and no, you can't ride in the snowmaking! I know; I thought "boo" as well, but freshly made snow is really heavy and hard to ride through, so it's not as much fun as you'd think, although I always keep aiming for it when I see it...

But I digress: the point is that LIGHTS ARE MANDATORY FOR THIS EVENT (200 lumens at least).

After 4:30, there will be a cover charge of seven dollars to ride a series of packed trails, the cbc access road, and Marshal ski run. If you want, you can register and pay for the whole series of four races, a mere 21 dollars at the registration table.  Starting around 5:30 will be a dual slalom race on the lower third of Marshal. The emphasis will be on fun(as always), and turning over speed. Winner in the 4 categories get a prize:

Men under 40,
Men over 40,
Best cape worn while racing. For real: this category gets the best prize.

Things will wrap up around 7. There will be fires to keep you warm, and free coffee and hot chocolate to keep you warmer. If you are wondering, and are new to these events, the 7 bucks is to cover costs, if that. It would be nice if I could buy the volunteers a round, someday...

Speaking of which, after the race, folks are encouraged to stop in Chelsea for drinks. I will!

please to give us an idea of how many to expect, there is a facebook page set up for the event. Please click here and let me know if you are coming, so I can get enough drinks for everyone.

See you at Camp Fortune,

Oh, does anyone have a load of firewood to sell???

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