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Monday, November 25, 2013

The 2014 poster!

It's here!

Thanks to Greg Cosgrove for again designing a killer poster; it is by far the most professional part of the series!
A special thanks to John Rathwell Photography for allowing me to use his pics from one of last year's races. If you need your soul stolen, hit him up!

Now to explain it some: the series will be 7 dollars a race, or 25 dollars for the series. Right now I am planning a race a month. I am aiming for the weekend that is closest to the 15th of each month, either on the Saturday or the Sunday, depending on the event. To anyone that did a night event in the past, you know what to expect: similar formats(think a winter cross event), similar venues(short courses in city parks, with 'features' to navigate). What is new this year will be daytime events. They will be a bit longer at 90 minutes, and on slightly longer laps, but nothing scary. They will be held just outside of Ottawa, within 30 minutes

Why every month? One word: weather. Last year some will recall that I had to move and then cancel a race because the weather was too cold one night, and then a melt totally screwed up a course I set. Setting each race a month apart allows me to postpone an event without suddenly having two events back-to-back.

And why does it say four or five? Well, a race may get cancelled. An opportunity may open up to do something cool. but really it is because of this: There will be one event that is going to be longer. Much longer. Think 6 hours, hike-a-bike sections, steeps and all in the woods. It'll be hard. There will be survival gear requirements. It will be done in teams of three in case somethings goes wrong out there. This will be invite only. Email me if you are interested.

More to come!

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